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After your initial treatment you will be given an aftercare sheet and Sarah will advise you on how to best look after your new brows. You will need to return to the salon for a follow up 6 week appointment which you will pre book prior to leaving the salon.


Important aftercare information

It can take between 7-10 days for your brows to heal and flake, light scabbing of the area will occur please note this is normal and northing to worry about.


Swelling and redness again are both normal 48hrs post treatment.


Please note it is imperative that your new brows are kept dry for two weeks.


Important things to avoid

  • Any physical activity that will result in excessive perspiring for example sweating in the gym

  • Application of any face creams in/on and around the brow area

  • The use of sunbeds

  • Do not apply any makeup on the brow area


During the healing process DO NOT itch or pick the brow area as this will result in extraction of the pigment and leave the skin damaged and prone to scaring. Furthermore this will delay the healing process and effect the overall appearance of your new brows.


Please be patient with the healing process and take good care of your new brows. Remember your brow transformation is a two step process and the procedure will now be complete until after your 6 week top up. It is 100% normal for healing brows to fade and appear patchy or too light as some pigment will gradually come back as the skin repairs, remaining fading will be corrected at your follow up appointment.

For further aftercare advice please call or email the  team where a member of the Team will be happy to help.

Contact the SN team with all your semi permanent brow questions. Fill in the form below or give us a call.