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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

This can depend on a few factors including face shape and skin type. Generally the pre procedure measurements can take between 45-50 minutes and the micro-pigmentation procedure between 1-2 hrs. We advise you allow 3hrs for your appointment time.


How long does it last?

Semi permanent makeup is not maintenance free. We recommend a colour boost every 12- 16 months depending on how well you care for your brows. Skin type, lifestyle and sun exposure also plays a huge part.

What happens at the consultation?

Consultations can be tailored towards client preferences offering a face to face or over the phone personal service. When visiting the salon you will undertake a patch test and be given a pre procedure form detailing all the do's and dont's pre and post treatment. it is important that you read the information thoroughly and inform Sarah of anything you believe may effect your treatment to prevent last minute postponing of your treatment and loss of your booking fee.


Your health is incredibly important

If any of the following conditions or circumstances apply you may not be a suitable candidate for a brow procedure or alternatively you may need to speak with your GP to request permission in the form of a permission slip/letter.

THIS must be signed and brought with you to your appointment. If in doubt please contact Sarah before you book your appointment to avoid losing you booking fee.



  • Patients who have epilepsy, diabetes (type 1), haemophilia or heart disease of any kind should have a physicians approval prior to any tattooing procedure. Doctors permission form.



  • ON PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH MEDICATION OR TREATMENTS...that affect the dermal layer of the skin can affect the permanent make-up.

  • ON Anticoagulation …(blood thinners) Doctors permission form.

  • HAVE AN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE… You should get clearance from your doctor before considering permanent make-up.

  • DIABETIC (type 1)…If you are insulin dependent, you are not a candidate for permanent make-up. Healing could be compromised and take longer than average. Otherwise, if your doctor feels your condition is under control you may request a letter stating that you are able to undergo cosmetic tattooing.

  • BLOOD DISORDERS… that affect clotting such as haemophilia, sickle cell anaemia and platelet disorders could interfere with implantation of pigment, however it is possible to receive successful implantation of permanent cosmetics.

  • MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE, ARTIFICIAL HEART VALVES, OR OTHER HEART CONDITIONS any person that requires prophylactic antibiotics before dental or other procedures will need consult their physician and obtain a GP consent form.

  • (Active outbreak) HERPES (Coldsore) Simplex virus

  • KELOID OR HYPERTHOPHIC SCARRING…Persons with tendencies for this type of scarring have the same risk with tattoo also.

  • If there are any blemishes, pimples, active cold sores, irritation of the skin of any kind. You must wait if you’ve recently had:

  • EYE SURGERY… If you have had Lasik, Cornea repair etc. you will need to wait at least 6 months before permanent makeup procedure on your eyes.

  • SCARS from surgery or injury must be healed for at least one year prior to service.

  • You must be off Retin-A or Retinols 7 days prior to appointment and avoid or or around the area for 30 days after. If used before 30 days, it can cause the pigments to fade prematurely.


For further advice on any of the above information or to speak with Sarah direct please contact the salon where a member of the Team will be happy to help.


Contact the SN team with all your semi permanent brow questions. Fill in the form below or give us a call. 

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