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Sarah is currently one of the only brow technicians in the North of England offering this technique.

Do not confuse this with microblading as ULTRA REALISM is a far superior technique.

You will not get a more realistic, natural look.

This technique offers realistic details and each hair stroke pattern is customised and predrawn for each and every client. This is Sarah’s preferred hair stroke method as it’s suitable for most skin types and stays true over time.


Sarah can send you a  Pre appointment brow design if you send her a clear portrait photo prior to your appointment.(this is optional)



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Finance Available

Spread the payment of your treatment over 9 month for as little as £35 per month.

Useful Information


To secure an appointment all clients are required to pay a £50 non refundable booking fee. Please note that you may rearrange your booking with a minimum of 5 working days notice if required.


Please note that failure to attend your appointment will result in loss of your non refundable deposit.



Initial Consultation

Consultations can be tailored towards client preferences offering a face to face or over the phone personal service. When visiting the salon you will undertake a patch test and be given a pre procedure form detailing all the do's and dont's pre and post treatment. it is important that you read the information thoroughly and inform Sarah of anything you believe may effect your treatment to prevent last minute postponing of your treatment and loss of your booking fee.


On the Day of your procedure


Sarah will welcome you into the procedure room and check over your pre procedure form and medical paper work. The treatment will then begin with the cleaning of your brows and measuring the angles of your facial bone structure to create your optimal brow shape and position.


Sarah will then discuss with you your personal preferences for colour, shape and thickness and show you different options to provide you with your perfect brows. Only when you are confident of your perfect brow choice and the predrawn design Sarah will apply numbing topical anaesthetic which will provide immediate numbing relief to the area and begin the micropigmentation process.


Once your treatment is complete you will be provided with an after care sheet. It is extremely important that you follow your aftercare to get maximum results from your treatment. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to review your brows and review the healed results. This normally takes place six weeks after the initial appointment and is an opportunity to provide a top up if required.


Contact the SN team with all your semi permanent brow questions. Fill in the form below or give us a call. 

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